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    • GoPro Awards: Halloween Wonder Kid
    • Story of a Bean
    • Jersey City's Marketing Campaign
    • Fourth Love Webmercial
    • Cint Infographic
    • Amrita Singh TV Spot
    • Breathalyzer Product Launch
    • Miracle Feet TV Spot
    • Choose NJ Trade Show Booth Promo
    • Team Vital Marketing
    • Coverage at Great Gatsby Premiere
    • Staybridge Suites Webmercial
    • Ameriquest Symposium Highlight Reel
    • Daiichi Sankyo Promotional
    • Waste Management Explainer Video
    • NBC Univeral Internal Use Video
    • Cint Promotional
    • HeatTrak Product Tutorial
    • ooVoo CES Tradeshow Booth Promo
    • CompNav Tutorial
    • Corcentric Instructional
    • O.Berk Explainer Video





Edison Lee “Video Whisperer”

Partner/Senior Animator

Instinctively, Edison knows what our clients need before they even tell us. Maybe it’s his many years in video production and animation. Or maybe he’s psychic. We’re not sure. But one thing we do know is that he has an unbelievable passion for what he does. Edison is the creative genius behind Think Reel Films. Give him a concept, and he’ll present some of the most intricate, eye-catching illustrations and animations you’ve ever seen. When not moving images around the digital canvas or learning the newest computer programs, Edison can be found rock climbing or teaching his daughter Portuguese.

Anoli Patel “The Quarterback”

Partner/Creative Director

There is always one person in the group that is a natural “take charge” individual, and that person on our team is Anoli. Serious with a smile… and an infectious laugh. Yeah, that’s a good description of her. She brings the people and the ideas together. Not to mention she's an excellent producer, editor, camerawoman and conceptualist. Anoli's the one making sure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed at the end of each project. And when she's not busy managing everything, you can find her on the slopes skiing with her husband and their three teenage boys. How she finds time to do it all still amazes us.

Aaron Leung “Our Yoda”

Partner/Senior Editor

A Jedi Master… Aaron is. From his people skills (which really seem more like a jedi mind trick) to techsupport wizardry, and stellar insights for capturing new and exciting markets. Yes, he really can do it all. Let’s not forget he’s also an artful motivator. Aaron knows how to believe in the force and guide his padawans toward greatness. Both as a teacher but also as a best friend. When you meet him, you’ll want to steal him, but sorry you can’t -he’s all ours. During his free time, Aaron can be found with his wife and two daughters cooking up a gourmet meal, taking a swim, or enjoying a movie.

Joe Morreale “The Daydreamer”

Writer/Production Supervisor

When a client comes to us with an idea that requires fleshing-out Joe explodes with joy. His screenwriter’s mind envisions glorious concepts that literally jump off the page. But that’s not all he’s good for. He’s also a skilled cameraman with remarkably steady hands. When Joe’s isn’t working, he’s either smashing his head against the wall of his writer’s studio claiming “it deters writers block” OR banging away at his keyboard. He likes to keep us laughing and is always willing to make a fool of himself to lighten the mood on a rough workday.

Tess Yuen “Scissorhands”

Senior Editor

Both senior editor and senior canine disciplinarian. Tess knows how to construct a story. Imagine a skillful surgeon, only she operates on the cutting room floor. She also helps us stay organized and is a prioritizing whiz. Not to mention she’s just an all around great person. When she’s not busy teaching Aaron what’s cool these days she’s probably prepping costumes and looking for the best travel deals for comic-con or freebasing Netflix shows for hours on end. She also loves to remind us that she’s Asian, sometimes multiple times a day.

Dwayne Gayle “Spiderman”

Animator/Motion Graphics Designer

A cartoon character at heart, Dwayne is the Michelangelo of Media. He’s gotta serious lineup of digital skills which include: animation, motion graphics, 3-D modeling, illustrations and storyboarding. Basically what we’re trying to say is… he’s amazing! He’ll spin out a web of infinite creativity with new or old assets and shoots them into a video, perfectly explaining the product, idea or message. At every chance he gets -about eight days a week- he loses himself in a funny movie trailer voice. That’s our Dwayne. A character inside a character.

Coco Puff “Trouble Maker”

The original mascot of our office and the first doggie to join the Think Reel Family. Known for being a great cuddle buddy when nap time comes around. (For her, not us. We work for a living).

Chewbacca “Trouble Squared”

Or Chewie as he’s affectionately called- is an adorable two pound four ounce dog stuffed in a rabbit’s body. He’s typically found around someone’s neck as a scarf in the winter months.


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